Boso Satoyama Torocco Information of each vehicle

type DB4 locomotive

locomotive revived in the present age

smoke rises from the chimney

whistle sounds same as old Taisho period

the cab is full of high-tech functions

clean diesel engine made by Volvo

Once upon a time, the C type Koppel steam locomotive of Kominato Railway was so popular and called by nickname of “train no.4” with affection. Now, we reproduced it in a modern version and authentic-looking.

Also, we polished the whistle which was used in the Taisho era. Good and old nostalgic sound echo throughout Satoyama. The chimney blows smoke from fuming device. The drain cock jets out air.

  • Maximum dimensionLength=8450 mm Width=2650 mm Height=3500 mm
  • Empty car weight25.0t
  • Design maximum
  • Total engine
  • Continuous rated


car2 and 3 are Open Air car, let you feel an open feeling

a vehicle with lower part raise-type windows and air conditioner

UV cut specification tempered laminated glass ceiling

this bench seat is based on the chair which Kominato Railway’s carpenter made.

car1 is in common with design of Kiha200

car1 has cab for inbound driving

TMost part of the ceiling of all vehicles is UV cut glass. You probably won’t feel like you are inside of car, because it’s so bright. And, car2 and car3 is Open Air car. We took the windows away. Open air space! That is the trolley. Seasonal Satoyama air wraps you gently.

Car1 and car4 has big windows and air conditioners.
For the original bench leg, construction team has bored thick iron plates to increase safety, and used natural wood for bearing surface. After many trials, finally a booth of four was completed.

  • Maximum dimensionLength=9000-9275mm Width=2900mm Height=3511mm
  • Passenger seat
    capacity40 seats in Open Air car / 32 seats in Ordinary car